COVID-19 Update

Changes made to ensure customer and colleague safety.

At Fuzz Buzz, we have worked to ensure we maintain safety throughout the pandemic and we are committed to the health and wellbeing of staff and customers alike.

Following the latest advice, whenever it is updated, we look to implement changes to keep both our staff and customers safe from COVID-19, whilst still maintaining our usual high level of service.

At the beginning of every shift, staff members are asked to report their health, their results are reviewed, temperatures checked and, only where no symptoms are present, are staff allowed to enter the building/start work. 

Our staff have been provided with guidance on the safest way to carry out their job roles, as well as being reminded they must strictly adhere to advice on self-isolation if required.

Floor Social Distance

Current Government advice, requires that a social distance is maintained of at least 2 metres apart from one another. To help with this we have placed markings on the floors and segregated work areas and to ensure the minimum  distance is maintained at all times.

 Alan mixing

Within the clean room, protective gear, face masks and hair coverings were always used - this is to ensure that there is zero contamination within our products however, since COVID-19, the wearing of face masks and gloves has been introduced to all areas and are frequently replaced by all employees when producing product or fulfilling orders.


Once a batch of beard oil or beard balm has been produced, it is left in isolation for a minimum of 24 hours and, to ensure customer safety, all orders are fulfilled 24 hours before being despatched by Royal Mail. 

Mail is despatched on tracked 48 hour delivery to ensure a minimum 72hrs without human interaction before you open your package. This can mean a slight delay to you receiving your Fuzz Buzz.

Please note: Gift sets are produced and packed in advance so that they only require an address to be added and can be despatched without delay.

At the end of every shift, there is a full workplace disinfection process that ensures all surfaces are clean and especially all touchpoints into/out of the building.

If you are to visit us, you'd find that the way we do things is a little different now and we ask that you follow the information provided to you on signage and by our staff to help keep everyone safe.

Our processes are reviewed regularly to ensure they are following the latest Government advice.