Grow your beard thicker and faster naturally with caffeine

While we were all in lock-down, did you grow out your beard? Lots of guys did it. There we all were, on our video chats, with beards we would never grow in normal life.

Now, with lock-down being lifted, lots of guys are already starting to shave their beards off – STOP DON'T DO IT! Instead let us help you grow if fuller and better.

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Caffeine Beard Oil

Does shaving make your beard grow thicker? How can I make my beard thicker?

Don’t shave! You may be tempted but you are best off persevering. It will take weeks or even months but it’ll be worth it. Keeping your beard well maintained and healthy whilst its growing is essential – check out our guide for more tips on growing your beard.

Did you struggle to grow a beard? Want to grow your beard without patches?

If you have a patchy beard, then Fuzz Buzz may have the answer for you. At Fuzz Buzz, we combine only top-quality oils (no palm oil or cheap greasy fillers) in our beard oil and use the same combination with unrefined shea butter and beeswax in our beard balm. These quality products are enriched with caffeine to stimulate beard growth whilst also thickening your beard hair and allowing you to straighten, control and style your beard.

If you want to grow beard or moustache thicker and faster, then the caffeine within our beard oil and beard balm may be able to help but don't expect to be breaking beard in a few days... it takes time.

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Does beard oil help beard grow?

Fuzz Buzz beard oil helps to heal your skin and improve your beard, but it also helps it to grow by keeping it moisturised, nourished and helping to keep the hair follicles healthy. Fuzz-Buzz beard oil promotes growth and health so that your beard looks great.

The caffeine in Fuzz Buzz beard oil also helps to stimulates facial hair growth, helps to thicken facial hair and strengthen the hair follicles from the root so you can be breaking beard faster.

Breaking Beard

With beard oil will my beard grow thicker? How do I grow my beard faster? 

Using a high quality beard oil like Fuzz Buzz is a natural way to grow a beard faster with essential oils moisturising and nourishing your beard hair follicles so that they are healthy. Keeping your skin, follicles and beard hair healthy is essential.

Fuzz Buzz Beard Balms have been created to promote stronger, thicker, healthier beard hair. We use our own unique blend of only the premium oils of Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil combined with Shea Butter and Beeswax, which will moisturise and nourish your skin and hair to prevent dryness, redness and help you to tame and control your beard whilst also coating and protecting the hair itself.

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Got a beard problem? Want to find out how to stop a red, itchy flaky beard?

Keep your skin under your beard healthy. Wash your beard regularly and then make sure it stays moisture with a high-quality beard oil. With Fuzz Buzz we also use caffeine because it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful in healing your skin and keeping it healthy. Using caffeine on your skin can reduce and prevent inflammation and redness.

Your beard may be flaky if the hair tends to be on the drier side, this can mean that the skin under it is also dry. We recommend applying beard balm at night and always using oil after a shower. This will keep your beard soft and the skin under it healthy and flake free.

You can use beard oil in conjunction with beard balm through the day. Both are good separately however together they work well. Use a little on the beard first and comb or brush it in ensuring that it gets right to the roots. Then use balm on the beard hair to help shape and sculpt it to the style you want. The balm will also help to keep the hair moister and softer feeling through the day.

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What makes beard grow faster? How can you make your beard grow faster?

Caffeine, within Fuzz Buzz beard oil and balm, works as a beard growth activator by stimulating the hair follicles at the roots, which leads to increased hair growth. Research has shown that using caffeine on your skin and hair can result in an increase of up to 46% in the average growth from hair follicles.

No hormones nor minoxidil. Stimulate growth naturally with caffeine

One of the best properties of caffeine is that it is easily absorbed through the skin and hair. This allows you to expose your hair follicles to a higher dose of caffeine than it would get by you just drinking coffee.

When you treat hair at the root through topical application the hair follicles themselves are strengthened so exposing them to caffeine in an oil or balm can stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair so that it grows much quicker.

Along with helping your beard to grow quicker, caffeine also extends the life of the hair by up to 33%, meaning that less hair falls out daily. When combined with more growth stimulation at the follicles, this leads to thicker facial hair.

Fuzz Buzz Beard Balms are enriched with caffeine to promote massive beard growth by enabling the hair follicles to get the vitamins, proteins and minerals. Caffeine stimulates the hair follicles, increased blood flow and increased ATP to help you to naturally grow a stronger fuller looking beard.

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