Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil? 

Many stores sell both and, like you, we have bought both over the years. But, do you need them both?


What does beard oil do? Beard oil is used as a conditioner to moisturise and soften beard hair and also to help promote beard growth. People use beard oil to keep their beards looking fuller, softer, and tamer. The best beard oils for growth and thickness are ones using premium oils such as Argan and Jojoba.

Why use beard oil? Beard oil helps your beard look better and promotes growth whilst also moisturising the skin beneath your beard. It helps stop flaky beard dandruff and can also help to improve minor skin problems especially when the oil is providing extra vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your skin.

What's the difference between beard oil and beard balm? Beard oils provide the same nutrients that balms do but without affecting the hold of your beard. If your beard is pretty smooth, your beard stays mostly in place after you comb it, and you like how it lays, then you don’t need the extra hold that the wax in beard balm provides. 

How often should you use beard oil? Every day when you are getting ready, use a little oil to keep skin and hair moistened and comb it through root to tip. If you are going out in the evening then you may wish to reapply a little then too.

Always use oil after showering and washing your beard as it will help to lock in the moisture and stop the hair drying out and becoming brittle.

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What does beard balm do? Beard balm is also used as a conditioner to moisturise and soften beard hair and help beard growth but it also provides a little extra hold so your beard stays in place.

What is beard balm? Beard balm consists of all the same types of oils that are in beard oil and will still help keep your beard looking fuller, softer and tamer, but it has an additional ingredient of beeswax normally. This means that it is set in a tin and often looks like butter - so it's sometimes called Beard Butter. 

Why use beard balm? Balm keeps your beard healthy and smooth while also keeping it neat and tamed. It will give you better hold than oil and condition your beard making it softer and easier to manage.

How do I use beard balm? Take a small amount of the beard balm out of the tin and rub it between your palms, if its good quality and not overly waxy, it should melt quickly. Smooth the beard balm into your beard, following the grain of the beard - this should then be either combed or brushed in and will help to straighten and hold your beard hair in place.

Is your beard wavy and unruly? If so, balm might be a good fit for you. It's sometimes referred to as beard styling balm as it can help you to shape and sculpt your beard in just the way that you want to.

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Beard oil vs beard balm? Why choose? You can use both together but do so sparingly and in good proportion. By applying oil first, you can condition your beard and moisten your skin and then, by using a little balm over the top, you can style and control your more problematic beard areas.

Always comb through in order to get the oil and balm all the way from root to tip and, if you have areas of unruly beard hair, use a good quality beard brush to help tame it.

Maintaining your beard and keeping your hair and skin healthy is important - however you choose to do it. With our beard oils and balms, you can improve the look, feel and smell of your facial hair.