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Fuzz Buzz Men’s Beard Care Set

Got a bearded man in your life?

If so, then we’ve got the perfect gift for you. We offer a range of products that will help keep his beard looking its best and smelling fresh. Our beard oils and balms are made from natural ingredients to help nourish, condition and control the hair. And with our beard shaper and specially designed wooden comb, it's easy to style his beard just how you want it.

We've got everything you need to make his special day one he'll never forget. He deserves the best when it comes to taking care of his beard – which is why we've created these sets specifically for men who love their beards! With our gift sets, all you need to do is choose what fragrance suits him best - there's something for everyone!  

Buy him a Fuzz Buzz beard care gift set today and spoil him rotten.

Choose from:

  • Classic Clean: the pleasant, subtle smell of soap and aftershave that is classic and distinctive.
  • Forest Gump: the refreshing fragrance of rain in a pine forest - amazing.
  • Wood Cutter: Freshly cut hardwood is that classic beard oil or beard balm smell that everyone likes.
  • Ice Cutter: a fresh virgin forest smell with a hint of eucalyptus.
  • Parade: expensive aftershave combined with the smell of a fresh summer’s day. Very pleasant.
  • Beardy 007: the fragrance of expensive aftershave making you smell like a boss.

Customer reviews:

Matt Foster  

5 star rating

Really impressed with the range from Fuzz-Buzz. I've tried various other brands, but nothing compares. Parade and Beardy 007 smell amazing. Even customer service is great, as I have contacted Steve once or twice now and always a quick response (Even sent me a discount code for being a returning customer!) Great effort from Fuzz-Buzz. Keep up the good work!

Martin Smith

5 star rating

Treated myself to my first purchase of Fuzz Buzz products, went for the Classic Clean balm and Beard Oil gift set.

The beard oil is non-greasy easy to apply and absorbs nicely.

The beard balm is soft and easy for application, leaves the beard feeling soft.

Product smells great too, subtle, not overpowering, and the beard shaping tool and beard comb are ideal and simple for use! Great value for lovely product!

Alan McDonagh 

5 star rating

Great products, really tamed and nourished my beard, would highly recommend – Alan M

Cheryl Michaelides  

5 star rating

Fast delivery, really special items, would thoroughly recommend to any bearded ones or those wishing to buy that extra special gift

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