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Luxury Beard Care With Caffeine

Fuzz Buzz Beard OIl & Balm

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Luxury Beard Care With Caffeine

Fuzz Buzz Beard OIl & Balm

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Caffeine Beard Oil & Balm. Best Beard Oil for beard growth.

Fuzz Buzz Caffeine Beard Oils & Balms have been developed for conditioning skin and promoting thicker, healthier beard hair.

Your essential beard growth kit. Enriched with caffeine to promote healthy beard growth and available in a selection of fragrances, so that your beard looks and smells great. 

Blended from the finest oils and waxes for skin health and hair conditioning.

Our beard balm contains shea butter, as well as beeswax, it's soft and easily melts in your palm so that it leaves no bits in your beard. 

Our beard oil is light and non greasy, absorbs quickly and helps control beard dandruff, because we use only premium oils and do not dilute them with lesser oils. 

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Welcome to the Fuzz Buzz bearding fraternity

Our missions at Fuzz Buzz is to help the men of Britain to tame and grow their facial hair. To help them to look better and smell better - whilst also giving them a choice of how they want to smell. 

Whether you are just starting out or already have a wizard length growth, we created these high-quality products for you. Made with ingredients that are natural and, where possible, unrefined and sustainably sourced, and we bring you these products at affordable prices.

We also consider the environment and our packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable material. The oil bottle and balm tins are also recyclable.

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